Improvements for the 2013-2014 School Year

Welcome back, students! We've made a number of improvements for you to enjoy during the 2013-2014 academic year. Highlights include:

  • The Electronics Shop has a new ticketing system!!
  • To access this please go to the Following URL
  • Improved Electronics Shop Web Site (you're viewing it right now!)
  • Study/lounge/senior design room - Potter 204 - now has ten computers, five sets of test equipment, and a printer... will be open during all electronics shop hours. This room will always be available for your use.
  • Addition of computing-only lab - Potter 108, which was formerly used only for ECET110 courses, is now open for general use when not otherwise occupied by labs. The room also features twenty newer computers which are comparable to those in our other general-use labs.
  • Replacement of computers in Potter 316 - Take an opportunity to use these new machines. This is now our best lab, featuring 18 sets of Agilent/HP test equipment, and 25 new computers with widescreen flat panels
  • All labs which contained old CRT's have been upgraded to flat-panel LCD displays.
  • New chairs and furniture in all labs, improving the general appearance and comfort
  • New system to assist you in locating open labs. A display is now located outside each of our major labs and the shop, displaying information on which open labs are available and when classes are in session. These displays can also be used to provide general announcements.
  • Added three more sets of test equipment to Potter 316, one more set of test equipment to Potter 208, and two more computers to Potter 208